Thursday, November 15, 2012

こんにちは。(Kon nichi wa)

Sorry if I offended anyone with the title.  Some website said that's how you say "hello" in Japanese so I believed it.  Anyway almost a year ago Jackie asked how my Japanese Wave Mittens had turned out.  The answer: fantastic!

I knit them in Cascade 220 leftover from my Fornicating Kangaroos Hat.  It was my second pair of mittens and my second time doing colourwork.  I actually finished them last January so they got to test out a verrry cold winter!  I'm pleased to say my hands (and the mittens) have made it through!  I knit them quite tightly so they are extra warm.

I'm wearing them again now for the rainy Vancouver "winter" (although I still have a hard time calling this time of year "winter" because it's not -13°C on a daily basis with some days being -40°C).  They keep my paws warm and relatively dry.

I get compliments on the mittens all the time and that makes me feel awesome.  They fit just right and have gotten pretty soft inside.  As they felt (I'm sure they will), I think they will age nicely.  Maybe some day I'll put a picture of them when they're all old.

The best part about these mittens?  I haven't lost one yet!

Tell me about your favourite pair of mittens!  What makes them great?  Where did you get them?

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