Monday, October 10, 2011

A thing that holds things... and other things!

My apologies for not having posted for a long time!  I've been going to class and working 2 jobs, which makes school/work take up about 55hrs/wk.  However, I have had time to knit, just not to blog about it!

I entered my first HPKCHC last month.  I submitted a bag that I made.  It was originally supposed to be the Grrlfriend Market Bag but I fail at reading patterns.  The bottom is worked flat in the round, so when I got to 100sts, I started on the body.  I *k2tog yo* around and around and around until it got as tall as it is in the picture.  Then I did a few rounds of garter, bound off 40 sts, left 10 live, bound off the next 40 and knit the remaining 10 to make the strap.  Not really the Grrlfriend Market Bag (or any other kind of bag that had a pattern that I found!) but it is certainly a bag.  It's about lunchbag sized, but I more just made it as an "experiment in knitting."

You can kind of see in the photo a hank of yarn sticking out.  I got some Malabrigo Sock from Sandra Singh because it was on sale.  It's lovely and smooshy!  It was my first time ordering yarn online from anywhere.  I ordered two skeins of Malabrigo in Eggplant for me and a friend wanted a skein of yarn too (I can't remember what it was called because I already gave it to him).  The shipping was great ($6, and there were 3 skeins of yarn, the total cost came to around $53 including shipping and everything).  I really wish I could buy locally but to get Malabrigo here it's close to $25 a skein, but I paid ~$15 each from Sandra Singh.  The order shipped really fast too.  I don't remember exactly how long it took but it was definitely less than two weeks.  I'm definitely going to buy from there again, but hopefully I can resist building my stash for a bit (being a poor student and all... you'd think my two jobs would give me enough money for yarn but noooo...)

Anyway, I've started on a new project, Japanese Wave Mittens.  I'm using the leftover Cascade 220 I have from my friend's Fornicating Kangaroo Hat.  I'm almost done up to the thumb on the first hand, so hopefully I can figure out what's going on with the thumb... I also bought the pattern for Trillian that I'm going to be using my Light Brown Hare for.  I'm so excited to cast on new projects but I feel that if I cast on too many I'll never finish.  Kind of like Aidez... *hangs head in shame*

Anyway... why don't you tell me about a WIP you have on the go right now?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments :)