Sunday, August 28, 2011

SHAWL we dansu?

Victory!  I finished my shawl for my mom!  I actually finished it a while ago but I forgot to post.  I'm very happy with how it turned out, given that it was my first shawl and first lace.  It was my first time blocking but I have my blocking: before/(during)/after pics so you can see how much better it looks!

I have decided I will participate in the Harry Potter Crochet/Knit House Cup this fall.  I hope I have time for it!  I just applied for a job at a nearby coffee shop and they want me to work mornings >.<  But if I use my time more effectively it should work.  But hopefully that doesn't mean sacrificing any knitting for doing other things!

I quasi-have my projects planned out.  My queue holds a variety of patterns that I intend to make with the yarn I have.  I'm still in the "one project at a time" stage in my knitting.  I need to finish my Aidez before September though or else the HPKCHC will be impossible!  I'm about 2/3 done the second sleeve so hopefully I can finish the sleeve today and start on the yoke/upper part.

 I bought some Berroco DK yarn to match with the green DK I used for this shawl.  I hope to make a stripey shawl or something, hopefully I can work it into the HPKCHC!  Actually I hope I can get all of my projects to fit in with the HPKCHC.
I also got some more !!FREE YARN!! from someone in the city who knits.  She had a bunch of extra so she was destashing, so I picked up a sweater quantity of this really nice cotton sand-coloured thick/thin type yarn.  I'm going to make a swingy/drapey open-front cardigan.  However, I don't want to start it right away because it will definitely be a summer garment and I'm afraid it will be out of style by the time next summer rolls along!
Anyway, as usual thank you for reading and I hope I can get in the habit of posting a little more regularly!  Adios amigos!

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