Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fornicating Kangaroos!

I finished it!  I only have a crappy picture because I didn't have a chance to take a good picture of it before I gave it to my friend.  I used Cascade 220.  I did the ribbing on a size 6 needle, the hat on size 7, then I did the top decreases on size 6 DPN because I don't have size 7 DPN.  The DPNs were a little easier to work with, I had awful trouble when I was trying to do a sock.

In other news... well I'm applying for another job, but just between you and me, it's to supplement my fibre habit.  I want a winder and swift and some new needles (Addis would be great, but I might try some from elsewhere... suggestions?).   I also want to get some really nice yarn for a shawl for my mom for her birthday (I realize I have a month left... so maybe I'll hit up the yarn store tomorrow!).  I'm hoping for something in a leafy-olivey green, preferably solid, in either lace or fingering, I don't really care which because I have patterns in mind for both.

In other news, I received my yarn from Light Brown Hare in Nebula.  It's gorgeous and I can't wait to knit with it!  But I want to wait until I get a ball winder so I can wind it properly ;)  Photos will come later, when my camera returns.  I want to make Magrathea with it.  I've been in love with Magrathea since I joined Rav (it was one of the top shawls for a while, which is how I stumbled upon it).  It's gorgeous and I think it will look great in this yarn!  And if not... frog and make something better :P  (I also think that Nebula is fitting for Magrathea... or maybe I'm just a nerd)  I really hope I have to do 42 of something in that pattern!  I haven't downloaded it yet because I don't have the money (I know, it's only $6)... but that will be my gift to myself once I get that second job!

And my Aidez is coming along nicely.  I'm done the body up to the armpits and one sleeve (and the first 5" of the other one).  I'm so excited to see this come together!  Hopefully I'll have it finished by the end of summer.

Well that's all folks, I hope you enjoyed my Math For Knitters posts, let me know your feedback!

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