Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fornicating Kangaroos!

I went to Ewe Asked For It, a nearby LYS.  It's a great store and the staff are always super-friendly!   I'd paid for a bus fare home from the dentist and I figured I'd swing by the LYS since $2.85 to ride the bus is a ripoff, so I usually try to make more than one stop.  It was pouring rain so I intelligently boarded the bus, got off the bus, walked 3 blocks to the LYS.  Once I got there I realized I didn't want to walk back to the bus in this rain (and I didn't know when the next bus would come) so I texted my mum to see if she would pick me up on her way home from work.  The timing worked out perfectly!  And the point of this little story was that the lady in the shop was so nice to let me stay out of the rain, and she let me know when my parents arrived (since I was squishing yarn and couldn't see the window).
Anyway, the point of that whole previous paragraph was for me to tell you about the goodies I got!  I got two hanks of Cascade 220 (one in black (8555) and one in a lilac-ish colour (7808).  They will be for a gift for my friend.  She is coming back from Australia for the summer (or winter?  I never know) and I want to make her a Fornicating Kangaroo hat.  I found the pattern on Rav and I nearly killed myself laughing.  It's a Canadian-Australian motif, because the other designs are very toque-like.
I don't know why I picked these colours, to be honest.  I might go get some other colours, but I think having a gaudy hat in gaudy colours makes it better, don't you think?  I designed the pattern, but I now realize I need a ballwinder so I can knit with this yarn (yes I need one...).
Also I've been watching too many David Attenborough documentaries because to me the pic looks a bit like mating seals.  I definitely have mental problems.
Well, I'm feeling a little heat-drunk (3 hours of having an oven at 350 degrees when it's already at least 25 outside is not a good thing).  At least I have delicious brownies and banana bread (x2).
Now I'll try to be all web 2.0 and ask you a question: what's your go-to treat on a hot day?

Saturday, June 11, 2011


As Charlie Sheen would say, WINNING!  I won a contest from Light Brown Hare (such a cute name... I dream of Jeannie she's a light brown hare...).  I'm so excited because the yarn looks beautiful!!!

I haven't had much time to knit since my last post, but the five minutes I did knit were very eventful.  I went camping to Devon (about half an hour from where I live) with my Pathfinders (like Girl Guides but older, 12-14yrs).  It was FREEZING so we spent the day in front of the fire.  It warmed up enough so I could take my hands out of my pockets.  The fire was very tame so there weren't many sparks, so I pulled out my knitting.  All of a sudden, there was a thunderous crack (well a little noise) and a burning chunk of ash flew into the air and landed on my Aidez!  I managed to get it off quickly without too much damage.  It just landed on the ribbing, and I can't find the spot where it landed, so I think it's OK.  It was a bit dark in that spot but I think it rubbed/came off (so it was just ash that transferred rather than the wool itself burning).

Other than that... I don't have much else to share.  I'm going back to Devon today (going from only having gone one before in my life to going twice in two weeks!) to the Devonian Botanical Gardens.  If you're ever in/near Edmonton, I think it's highly worth a visit (I loved it last time but I was speeding through on a golf cart because I was late for a wedding).  Have a great weekend everybody!  Hope the weather is as fabulous for you as it is for me here!