Friday, May 27, 2011

Birthday Gifts!

I didn't post earlier (sorry!) but I wanted to gush about the awesome birthday gifts I got!  My boyfriend (and his mum) are awesome people and I'm super stoked :)  Sorry the picture isn't the best but you can see most of what's there.
 (Clockwise from top left)

Knit Kit from his mum.  It's amazing because it's got everything I could ever need in one little convenient thing (you can't see it really well, it's the red thing).  It's even got a row counter and a measuring tape!
Ruler/Needle sizer/thing also from his mum.  This thing is also super useful, I'll actually be able to check gauge now!  Do you know how much of a pain it is to use a CLEAR ruler?
Charted Knitting Designs: A Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns is an amazing stitch dictionary, I can't wait to use it!  I wasn't expecting to get into designing stuff so fast but that's how it looks like things are going!
Mirasol Collection Book 14: Akapana  has some lovely cabled sweaters.  The yarn itself is super soft (squished it at my LYS yesterday).  I really like the white v-neck cardigan (about halfway down the page) and I hope to make it as soon as I'm done my Aidez!
Pints and Purls: Portable Projects for the Social Knitter has a lot of simple fun projects, easy to do on-the-go that don't take up much space.  Super cool!

In other news, I'm still knitting away at my Aidez cardigan.  I fixed the error from before (such a pain in the ass, thank god Muppets Treasure Island was on or I would have killed myself).  It looks better now and will hopefully be done soon (har har).  I'm done about 9" of the body... so I'm maybe 1/3 of the way done that (ish) and then the sleeves and putting it all together... oh dear.  I'll hopefully post again soon with more pics from the sweater!  Enjoy your weekend :)


  1. Hi, you won the yarn giveaway on my blog! Please contact me so I can send you your yarn. Thanks! Dale/Light Brown Hare (lightbrownhare at gmail dot com)

  2. Such lovely thoughtful presents :) Happy belated Birthday!